Moe Studio
26 Langford Street
Phone: 5126 1287
Warragul Studio
81 Burke Street
Phone: 5622 3680

End of Year Performance

All students at KC‟s School of Dance have the opportunity to perform in our end of year performance. The entire school comes together and presents a spectacular display of all dance styles and musical theatre for the whole family to enjoy. This is a fantastic and valuable experience for our students to proudly present their work in a professional theatre. Although we encourage all students to participate in the end of year performance, it is not compulsory. Please let your teacher know if you are not participating.

Students will also take part in a full dress rehearsal held at the theatre prior to the performance. A $5 Rehearsal Levy/Fee is charged per student.

For your convenience, costumes for our end of year performance are hired to you at reasonable rates.

The 2016 Warragul Studio performance will be held Saturday 3rd December with a rehearsal date of the 2nd and 3rd December.

The 2016 Moe Studio performance will be held Saturday 10th December at Lowanna College with a rehearsal date of Saturday 10th December.